Welcome to my Crazy, Bookish World

I read all the time…all…the…time.  I’m completely serious. Stopped at a train? Reading on my phone.  Lunch break at work? Reading on my Nook. Waiting in line at the grocery store? Reading.  Stirring the spaghetti sauce? Reading. Kids building legos? Reading. Everyone tucked in and the house is quiet? Reading. I carry at least three methods with which to read at all times. You get the idea.  I read.

My husband and my co-worker have been listening to me freak out over books for a long time.  Whenever I am reading something amazing, I have to talk about it with everyone, or at least the two of them.  They often glaze over while listening, and just humor me by acting as excited as I am. One day I had a thought.  “Why not start a blog for me to talk about these books that are making me lose my mind, and leave my poor husband and friend alone?  Who cares if anyone actually reads it…at least I could have an outlet for all these feels from my books.” So, Hold My Bookmark was born.

This is not your typical book review blog.  There will be no ratings, no Gifs, and probably very few quotes.  It is a spot for me to vent my feelings over these amazing books, and to entrust their worlds to you.  I will never recommend a book that I don’t think is wonderful. I will often review books that are old, because they are new to me.  I will cross genres. I will review book hauls and bookish products, because I get giddy over those, too. I will share my love of my book boyfriends, and hope you love them just as much (but not more, because my book boyfriends are mine).

I hope you enjoy following along and reading with me.  On Mondays, I will post a reading list of the books I plan to plunder for the week.  I warn you…I read VERY fast, so don’t feel you have to keep up. But, I hope you will enjoy them with me at your pace.  I will post 2-3 reviews a week, and will probably throw in some videos and other crazy stuff along the way. I hope you join my facebook page, email me recommendations, and comment on my posts.  Let’s make this a book party, a literary smorgasboard, and a OTP (one true pair) haven.

Until next time, bookmarks are for quitters…


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  1. Tami L Simmons says:

    Love it and your excitement!

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