“Apocasize” Me

So, by this point, you know that I am not going to recommend a book that takes me more than a day or two to read. It needs to be a book that I devour, and cannot put down. Hence, my “no bookmark” philosophy. Well, I am also going to tell you that there are a few authors in my life that are instant “no bookmark needed” authors. By that I mean that no matter what, I am going to finish their book when I start it, and quickly. I am going to breathe their words in, break the binding of the book, and refuse to adult until it is done. And, I know this will happen before I even know what the book is about, because I adore the author that much. However, B.B. Easton is in a different category than most of my “no bookmark needed” authors, because she is on a different level in general.

When B.B. Easton announces an upcoming book, my heart is in my throat until I get to read it. I’m constantly watching her Facebook page for updates, counting the days until the release, and biting my nails. I’m a general mess of waiting. And I am never disappointed.

Praying For Rain is Easton’s foray into pure fiction, and it is magic. Absolute, terrifying, beautiful, compelling magic. Her previous books have been semi-memoirs, with fictionalized portions, but Praying for Rain is a complete work of dreamlike fiction (which is appropriate because the book came to her as a dream). The apocalypse is upon us in this book, and we are watching Rain and Wes navigate their last few days on Earth. Rain wants the world to end so her pain will end. Wes wants to survive so that he can prove to himself and the world that he is worthy of being in it. Their journey is full of fights, gangs, rabid dogs, dirt bikes, dead bodies, and amazing connection. We see them come together and blossom, with both of their missions changing as they come to terms with the end of time, and the beginning of their time together.

One of the themes of this book really hit home with me. “Fuck ’em” is now a part of my vocabulary, and I am going to celebrate it, just as Wes and Rain do. Learning how to live in the midst of such chaos is a lesson for all of us, and one that we should grab, inhale, and absorb. I loved seeing these two navigate this chaotic, “Apocasized” world, and want the next book 5 minutes ago.

There is truly not a lot that I can say that should not be classified as a “spoiler,” which I actually love. When I can tell you the entire story, my summary doesn’t do the story justice. You need to read it through your eyes, and not mine. However, I will leave you with one of the lines that made me sit up, clap, cry, freak out, and fall in love.

I stomp down on the kick-start and head through the backyard, realizing that my dream this morning wasn’t just a nightmare; it was a premonition. The way Rain’s body feels wrapped around mine, the way she looks, all dolled up like we’re going on a fucking date, the way she wants to help me even though nobody’s fucking helping her, I’m distracted by it. All of it. This bitch is going to get into my head, make me veer off course, and get us both killed. I know it like I know my own name, yet here we go anyway, into the woods.” Praying for Rain, B.B. Easton)

Read it and love it. I have no doubt that you will.

Until next time, leave your your bookmark on the nighstand,


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