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(I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Brother’s best friend? Enemies to lovers? Single dad? A pirate themed town, with a pirate festival, and a pirate wedding? A foul mouthed parrot? Hilarious banter? Sweet, steamy scenes?

Sign. Me. Up.

I adore Pippa Grant. I have read everything she has written, and she is absolutely an author whose release dates I track with crazy eyes. So when Flirting with the Frenemy was announced, you know I was drooling, not just because it was a Grant book, but because it covered all the tropes in romance that I love.

Ellie and Wyatt have been at odds for years. Years. He is her older brother’s friend, and constant thorn in her side. One crazy Christmas night, that all changes, but not for the better. After an accident and subsequent recovery, Ellie decides to spend some time in Shipwreck, a little town that takes its pirate heritage very seriously, and Wyatt unwittingly crashes the party. And cue hijinks, romance, and terrible luck. Though this book has its happy ending, the road is paved with unintended insults, crazy arguments, the luck of two people who have smashed 2400 mirrors, and an ex boyfriend who tries to throw a wrench in everything. Grant has a fabulous way of writing that combines comedy and romance in a bittersweet way. You are always rooting for the couple, but you are always facepalming and cringing with what they say and do. They are always fun, lighthearted, and adventurous, with just enough whimsy and intrigue to keep you guessing.

When I tell you loved this book, it’s with all the heart eyes. I was laughing so hard while reading it that my husband actually asked if I was ok. And knowing that this book kicks off Grant’s new Bro Code Series just improved it. Flirting with the Frenemy is perfect for a weekend read, weekday read, lunchtime read, bedtime read…just go read it. You can come back later and thank me for introducing you to the one of the best writers in contemporary romance.

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