I am sucker for a good fairy tale…

I can’t help it. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, maybe it’s the mom of a little girl obsessed with princesses, or maybe it’s just because fairy tales are damn good stories, but I absolutely ADORE a good fairy tale. So, when Lauren Landish started her “Dirty Fairy Tales” collection, I was immediately on board.

**I received an ARC for this book in exchange for my honest opinion.**

Happily Never After is the third story in Landish’s “Dirty Fairy Tales” trilogy, and it is far and away my favorite of all the books. It’s the story of Charlotte and Lance, and is done in the vein of Cinderella. Oh my, how I loved these two together. There story was by far the most conventional of all three couples featured in the stories, but no less intriguing and compelling. Charlotte is following her dream of opening a bakery, and Lance is freshly home from the military to answer his family’s call for help. Their story is, understandably, Mia, Thomas, Isabella, and Gabe, as well as the big bad Blackwell, but it’s so well done that it feels like a completely independent story, and not as a wrap up for the overarching story. Yes, it does bring the entire journey to completion, but does so without sacrificing Charlotte and Lance’s love story, or downplaying their importance to the entire series.

“The lights flash, making the metal gleam, and I wrap my fingers around the memento, remembering how she felt pressed against me, how her eyes lit up when she spoke, and how her sassy mouth made me want to taste her teases.”-Happily Never After

There is something about Lance that just makes my heart go pitter patter. Let’s face it, I have a ton of book boyfriends. I fall in love with the hero in a story as often as my son loses his pokecards. But Lance has stuck with me, not just because of how he is with Charlotte, but how he responds to her friends, supports his brother, and steps up with the big bad. He is swoon worthy in the best sense, and all you ladies who like a good Alpha should definitely embrace Lance.

Like everything I enjoy, there are DEFINITELY some fantastic bedroom scenes. They are necessary to the story and not gratuitous. They are beautiful and full of connection, and there is a bit of a slow burn to get there (which I don’t normally enjoy, but boy howdy, did it work this time). Landish always writes fun physical relationships, and this one is no different. So, enjoy!

I have been a fan of Landish for awhile now, and this book just solidified my fangirling over her. So, download it, buy it, have a pigeon bring it, however, but be sure to read it. Oh! But not before reading Beauty and the Billionaire and Not So Prince Charming, because this book is best read as a finale to the other two stories.

Until next time, buy the bookmark if it’s pretty, but leave it on the nightstand,

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