I have a secret…

I play Pokemon Go (no, my nerd status is not my secret). My secret is that I often go out after the kids are in bed to play the game (or so I tell my husband), but end up reading instead. I always MEAN to play the game, but a book often calls to me instead. I buy a fountain diet coke, find a quiet spot in the park, and read for two hours…with no interruptions. I always stop after two hours and head home.

Not the case when I decided to read Caged by Clarissa Wild during one of these pokemon hunt/binge read evenings. I started this book at 9:30 pm…and didn’t look at the clock until 1 am. I freaked out, tossed my ereader, and headed home…and promptly started reading again. I don’t remember if I slept that night, but I do remember thinking this was one of the best books I had ever read.

Caged is a dark romance, and is the start of the Savage Men series. We meet Ella, a woman who is a selective mute due to a past tragedy, and Cage, a man who has literally never seen the outside. They are both prisoners, one due to a kidnapping, and the other due to not knowing life could be any different. They are brought together by an evil man who intends to use Ella in terrible ways, and Cage is part of those terrible things. Over the course of their sad, yet lovely, story, we lose people, gain allies, and learn a new meaning of love. You root for a relationship that seems crazy and wrong, because you realize how right it is for them.

Ella and Cage have an immediate connection that I, as the reader, had a difficult time understanding. However, as the story continued, I was able to see what Wild was doing, and my opinions changed. This is a bit of a taboo tale, and is definitely not safe. It should probably include a “trigger” warning, and you definitely read at your own risk. However, if you are willing to branch out and try something new, you will not be disappointed. I caution you, though, that it is not a book that is easy to stop once it gains speed. There are few “satisfying” spots to take a break, as it continues to build at a breakneck pace. If you start this book, be prepared to keep reading until it is done. So, get a babysitter, grocery shop beforehand, shower and shave… whatever you need to do to prep for a binge read like no other.

I hope you will try this book, and in turn, open yourself up to a new type of story. I know I have loved reading all that Clarissa Wild has to offer, and am anxiously awaiting her new release.

Until next time, burn those bookmarks…


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