I waited for this book FOREVER…

Oh my gosh…I waited and waited for this book. I stalked the Amazon shipment page, sat outside waiting for the UPS man, painted my nails to match the cover, and then jumped for joy when it arrived. This book was probably the second most anticipated book for me so far this year.

The Moth and The Flame by B.B. Reid is book 2 in the When Rivals Play series. The first book, The Peer and The Puppet, is an amazing, wild, angsty, dominant, possessive, steamy, swoony ride (yes, swoony is now a word) and I had massive expectations for TMATF.


I started reading this book at 7 pm and finished it at 4:36 in the morning. Yes, I suffered the next day, but I was on a literary high, so I just pounded Diet Coke and dealt with it. Wren and Lou, the characters in TMATF, are AMAZING. Wren is a member of a local gang, who is refusing to admit that he is a better person than he thinks, and Lou is his best friend, his safe place, his light. He finds himself by protecting and loving her, and Lou discovers herself through providing a haven for Wren. Their relationship is symbiotic, and for a very long time, platonic (despite their attraction and love for each other). Wren doesn’t want to lose his best friend, but Lou wants them to be more. Cue drama, seduction, desperation, and extreme honesty. Lou gets caught up in Wren’s world and he sets out to keep her safe, thereby creating a perfect atmosphere for them to admit their feelings and thrive.

This is NOT a perfect love story. It is messy, angry, and full of lies. And yet, Wren and Lou find a way to love and support each other. Not only that, but that love evolves and changes with each new obstacle. Reid throws a few twists at the reader that make screaming and wanting to throw the book an inevitability, but then the reader will pick TMATF up, dust it off, hug it, apologize, and keep reading. And at the end, you will sigh with happiness and freak out, knowing you have to wait for book 3.

Read The Peer and The Puppet, and then The Moth and The Flame. These are NOT standalone books, and each one adds to the other. The world of Blackwood Keep is crazy, secluded, and so very other, and you will not want to leave. Read. Them. Now.

Until next time, toss the quitter strip,


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