I lost my life to these books for one week.  7 days, 9 books. I threw chicken nuggets and fruit loops at the kids, my husband had no clean socks, and I lived in T.M. Frazier’s world.  No joke. When I tell you this is the one book I would urge you to read this year, take me seriously. Download King by T.M. Frazier now. Now. You don’t even need to finish reading this post.

Frazier starts this rollarcoaster with King. Prepare yourself…this book is full of characters you will hate…and love.  It is not an easy book, not a light book, and definitely not a pretty book. This is not your typical love story.  You will find yourself rooting for drugged up, kidnapping, ex cons with a penchant for vulgarity. And when it is done, you won’t be able to download the next one fast enough.

King is the story of King and Doe, and their love story is far from typical.  Amnesia, drugs, murder, kidnappings, betrayals, and pancakes consume the pages of this book, and you get left a shell of shaking person, loving and hating King in equal measure.  We meet our “hero,” King, as he is tattooing a cartoon cat on a unmentionable place on girl, a few hours after he has left prison. Doe, a homeless girl who has amnesia, walks in on him, and the crazy begins. Cue a misunderstanding of epic proportions, an alpha male who won’t be crossed, and a love to end all lives.  As their relationship travels a murky, dangerous road, I found myself crying, laughing, and screaming, all in equal measure.

Two other important, and weirdly loveable, characters are Bear and Preppy.  These two “gentlemen” round out the trio of the main books. Let me just say, if you don’t fall head over heels for Preppy, we can’t be friends.  Seriously. There is no way to explain the obsession the reader develops for these men. There is no rhyme or reason. They are not good guys. They are not nice guys.  There is very little that redeems them. And yet, they feel more real and approachable than any other male characters I have ever read…despite the unbelievable life they lead.

Frazier knows how to write a world that is hyped on steroids and yet grounded, and does so with humor, aggression, and a sharp tongue.  The minute I finished this series, I cried. I wept. I started them all over again, wishing I was reading them for the first time. I told everyone I knew about them, and offered to buy them for my friends.  I hounded my coworkers and bribed them by offering them lunch after finishing them, and have since enjoyed flipping out over the stories with those that are reading them. King is a book I go back to often, and is always within arm’s reach.

There are times this book will make you uncomfortable, and I urge you to push through.  There are times you will squeal with joy when you shouldn’t, swear at nice-ish characters, and crave pancakes.  You’ll probably want a new tattoo, and should probably wait until after you’ve read the whole series. This books crashed into my orbit, changed my world, and opened me up to an entirely undiscovered book genre.  Read it. Read them all. And then kiss T.M. Frazier’s hand, while crying and thanking her for such an amazing story filled with unforgettable characters.

Until next time…throw away your bookmark,


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