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Winter Takes All (Paranormal Dating Agency #19) by Milly Taiden

Yup…you read that right.  My first review is on a paranormal romance.  Not just that, but a shapeshifter romance. Hey, I was a book snob until about four months ago.  I absolutely used to bypass books due to the way their covers looked (yes…I am purposely not using that old saying). But, hear me out.  These books are FUN!!

I discovered Milly Taiden as I was pouring over the Apollycon author list (more about Apollycon later). I was looking for an author to start with (there are over 150 attending the conference), and I came across her name.  I felt I had heard it somewhere, so I dug through her book titles. Sure enough, one of them had been featured in the Chapters mobile game (a guilty pleasure of mine), so I thought I would start with that particular book. A few weeks later, I had binged all of her books…ALL of them.  And there are a lot!

Paranormal Dating Agency (PDA), and many shapeshifter romances, are crazy, silly, hilarious, and sexy.  PDA revolves around one Gerri Wilder, an older shapeshifter woman with a knack for finding mates for shifters.  The shifters in Taiden’s books have one true mate, and know them instantly, so a lot of the turmoil you find in romance novels is nonexistent in the PDA world.  In fact, in most cases, the shifter has no issues in the relationship at all, and the problems lie with the human character (mostly on accepting the love at first sight that the shifter character feels). It is different, and refreshing, to read stories that are not as complicated and messy as so many romances tend to be.  Not that I don’t enjoy a good tumultuous relationship where the characters have to work for their love (as in, real life), but goodness, it is nice to just escape to a world where people are instantly accepted and loved for who they are, and in turn, learn to fiercely love themselves…quickly.

I have to say, Winter Takes All is my FAVORITE of the PDA books so far.  In a different twist, there is actually turmoil on the shifter side in this book.  Tevrik, an arctic white wolf shifter, is the true mate to Juliet, a human geologist studying snow levels in Alaska.  They have both had contact with, directly and indirectly, Gerri Wilder, and she once again knows exactly what they both need.  They meet as a result of an avalanche, and Tevrik is tasked with caring for Juliet. Hijinks and swoon-worthy moments ensue, but the build up is so different than other PDA books.  Usually, the shifter accepts things immediately and sexy times ensue quickly. However, without revealing too much and spoiling the fun, Tevrik is resistant to the relationship. I found it so compelling to see that twist in the traditional (wow…that’s crazy to say in regards to a shifter romance) setup, and was fascinated by Tevrik.  I was rooting for them the entire time, and was enjoying the slow burn to their eventual physical relationship. Though this novel had considerably less sexy time than Taiden’s other books, it was sweet and refreshing, and absolutely worth it.

If you are looking for fun, different, and sexy, try the PDA books.  Even though they are all stand alones, they are better read from book 1 (Twice the Growl by Milly Taiden). There are many different authors in the PDA world, but I definitely recommend starting with Taiden’s books.  They are not formulaic, and there isn’t much repetitive detailing, as you usually find with long series’ of stand alone books. A warning…these books are very, well, smutty. If you do not usually read books with lots of sexy times, you may want to ease in slowly.  It is difficult to skip the smutty parts, because there are actually important things that happen during the scenes. Shifters are portrayed as very sexual beings, so that aspect of the relationship is crucial once mates are found.

Give Winter Takes All a try and let me know what you think! I hope you find them as fun and light as I do…the perfect getaway.

Until next time, remember, bookmarks are for quitters,


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