June 2019 Reading List

Oofta…this was a tough month! I have so many books on my TBR that I could wrap that list around the Earth 27 gazillion times. But, decisions had to be made, so I did it. This is the list of books I will read this month. Others (such as ARCs […]

I waited for this book FOREVER…

Oh my gosh…I waited and waited for this book. I stalked the Amazon shipment page, sat outside waiting for the UPS man, painted my nails to match the cover, and then jumped for joy when it arrived. This book was probably the second most anticipated book for me so far […]

I am sucker for a good fairy tale…

I can’t help it. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, maybe it’s the mom of a little girl obsessed with princesses, or maybe it’s just because fairy tales are damn good stories, but I absolutely ADORE a good fairy tale. So, when Lauren Landish started her “Dirty Fairy Tales” […]

“Apocasize” Me

So, by this point, you know that I am not going to recommend a book that takes me more than a day or two to read. It needs to be a book that I devour, and cannot put down. Hence, my “no bookmark” philosophy. Well, I am also going to […]

Arrr, matey

(I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.) Brother’s best friend? Enemies to lovers? Single dad? A pirate themed town, with a pirate festival, and a pirate wedding? A foul mouthed parrot? Hilarious banter? Sweet, steamy scenes? Sign. Me. Up. I adore Pippa Grant. I […]

Tale as old as…

You know that fairy tale…what’s it called? The one with the monster who needs the braniac to fall in love with him to make him a prince? Yeah…me too. I have read every version of Beauty and the Beast that I can get my hands on, and have read a […]

I have a secret…

I play Pokemon Go (no, my nerd status is not my secret). My secret is that I often go out after the kids are in bed to play the game (or so I tell my husband), but end up reading instead. I always MEAN to play the game, but a […]


I lost my life to these books for one week.  7 days, 9 books. I threw chicken nuggets and fruit loops at the kids, my husband had no clean socks, and I lived in T.M. Frazier’s world.  No joke. When I tell you this is the one book I would […]

What I read last night…

Winter Takes All (Paranormal Dating Agency #19) by Milly Taiden Yup…you read that right.  My first review is on a paranormal romance.  Not just that, but a shapeshifter romance. Hey, I was a book snob until about four months ago.  I absolutely used to bypass books due to the way […]

Welcome to my Crazy, Bookish World

I read all the time…all…the…time.  I’m completely serious. Stopped at a train? Reading on my phone.  Lunch break at work? Reading on my Nook. Waiting in line at the grocery store? Reading.  Stirring the spaghetti sauce? Reading. Kids building legos? Reading. Everyone tucked in and the house is quiet? Reading. […]